About Frankie

One of the things that surprises you about 26 year old singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer, Frankie Rockin’ Smith, is that he isn’t interested in rocking the musical boat or venturing off in more trendy musical directions at his age. He’s a young rock and roller with the spirit of the 50’s surging through his veins and embraces that. Frankie is also inspired by Shakin’ Stevens, Ricky Nelson and the like, while he adores performing live and showing off his own unique ‘shaky-legs’ moves. Working towards making music his profession, Frankie has released in December 2017 his first single – “Christmas Blues”, a song written for him by the Swiss merchant of “WOW” Michel F. Bolle.

Released by the Swiss private MFB Music Management Label and distributed through Ditto Music worldwide, “Christmas Blues” has defied criticism. If you like your rhythm and blues delivered with panache, energy, deep musicianship, and a big crystal-clear voice, you’ll be all over this one. The song is strong and loaded with a solid arrangement and lusciously layered instrumentation.

Since his iconic debut single, Frankie has been playing live in many Rock n’ Roll clubs and gained the experience needed to go a big step further in his musical career.

During the two years of lockdown, Frankie has started writing his own songs, also getting into some meaningful lyrics along with great rock music.

“It was always my dream to release an album with all songs written by myself” – Frankie Rockin’ Smith

Frankie decided to team up a gain with Michel F. Bolle & MFB Music Management to get his new Album released, distributed and promoted on a worldwide basis.

The first single, released in March 2023 “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” shows not only an artist which has grown up, but also his amazing talent as a songwriter. The single has gained a big response from local radio stations and entered the TOP 20 of the UK Talk Ratio Hot 100 Charts. The song with very strong lyrics has been played by radio stations from UK, USA, South America, Russia, and many other countries. The new Album with the same title as the single “What doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” will be out on the MFB Music Management label on 10th of May 2023.

No doubt! Frankie is ready to take Rock n’ Roll to the new century!